PC Support And Service

Everyone has problems with their computer. But, most computer problems can be permanently repaired or corrected. Contact us for an appointment and we can solve your computer woes.

  • General computer problems

Computer won't turn on? Printer doesn't work? Your digital camera won't work with your computer? We can troubleshoot and repair your computer problems in no time!

  • Spyware and virus removal

We can easily remove spyware, viruses, trojan horses and their ilk. We'll also show you how to prevent them from coming back.

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) network setup

Get rid of those network cables! If you have a laptop or a home or office network, why not go wireless? We also repair faulty Wi-Fi connections and secure your network.

  • Advanced spam filtering

Unsolicited commercial email, better know as SPAM, is everywhere. We have software and other resources that can dramatically cut your volume of spam. Make opening your email enjoyable again!

  • Windows Service Pack upgrades

Windows updates are critically important in the war against viruses. And, they help your PC run smoothly. We can install Windows updates and set your system to do this automatically in the future.

  • Software installation & training

Need to install some new software and learn how to use it? Or, would you like to connect to your work PC from home? Not sure how something works? We can help!

Our service technicians are ready to get your computer working again. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about the services we provide.

Small Business Services

CLEpc.com also provides small business computer service and support, including networking, PC service and maintenance, automated backups and other technical services. Contact us for more information about our small business computer services.

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